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COVID Disinfecting

COVID Disinfecting

Stop the Spread
When it comes to protecting people and businesses from the spread of bacteria and viruses, a surface that “looks” clean just doesn’t cut it.

While infection prevention is a top-of-mind initiative for most businesses, organizations and public facilities, there is still an unmet need for ensuring public health and safety through improved cleaning protocols. Some operate under the misconception that “if it looks clean, it is clean.” But just because a surface looks clean doesn’t mean it is. As few as 18 invisible viral particles can make you sick.1 To put things in perspective, about 18,000 viral particles can comfortably sit on the tip of a pencil. Knowing that, it can be hard to fathom the sheer number of viral particles that may be resting under the lip of a counter or even on an airplane seat. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your disinfecting method can handle the task of truly “cleaning.”


Effective Coverage


Electrostatic sprayers from Victory Innovations create a positive charge that drives our disinfectant directly to surfaces – wrapping around curves and reaching into corners and crevices for full, effective coverage.

Keyboards, office phones, sink faucet handles, water fountains, door handles and vending machines are just a few examples of common surfaces with hardto-reach areas that can harbor high levels of contaminants. And while pathogens like the flu virus are relatively susceptible to basic disinfecting solutions, stronger viruses, bacteria and fungi will require more powerful disinfecting methods.

Consistent Disinfecting Routine 

Keep in mind, extreme disinfecting is not needed in every case. But it is recommended that you establish a consistent disinfecting routine to help minimize the spread of most common illnesses. For more information, visit the CDC website for disinfecting best practices as well as pathogenspecific control.

Highest quality HOSPITAL GRADE DISINFECTANT Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in hospitals and other medical facilities. Destroys viruses and fungi as well as many known infection- and disease causing bacteria.


Exploring Electrostatic Technology

Electrostatic-sprayed particles will have an attraction up to 75 times that of gravity and will seek out items to land on versus “floating” in the air. Once the like-charged particles land upon a surface, they repel each other like magnets — spreading out evenly across the sprayed surface and providing excellent solution coverage. If the sprayed particles have the opposite charge as the material they are sprayed on, the electrical force will cause the particles to reverse course and coat hidden or hard-to-reach surfaces that would typically be missed by conventional spraying or wiping. Most surfaces are negatively charged, which means most electrostatic sprayers produce a positive charge. Electrostatic-sprayed particles will have an attraction up to 75 times that of gravity.

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